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Free File Analysis

We will perform a Data Analysis on your files FREE of CHARGE.

What is a “Data File Analysis”? It is a comprehensive analysis of your existing solution/database files consisting of two basic steps:

  1. A computerized analysis process performed by specific FileMaker Analyzing Software – Duration: 1 to 8 hours
  2. One of our programmers will translate that technical analysis to you.

Can’t Skip It! A Data Analysis is a required, crucial, cannot-skip step before ANY construction, customization, enhancement or migration can be estimated or started. It is THAT basic step that any developer needs to take so that the “anatomy” of a database can be understood. It will identify crucial information about your existing database such as file structure, relationships, problems, scripting issues, field mismatching, etc… to name a few. Only after conducting this analysis can any developer comprehend what the solution is composed of and properly estimate what is needed and costs of what you need done.

A $200 to $1100 Value. Check around the neighborhood! This service is charged at an hourly rate and valued between $200 and $1100. We offer it to you free of charge. Get started below!
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