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Filemaker Certified Developers

FileMaker Training Series for the new FileMaker 14

filemaker training, file maker training, filemaker school, file maker school

Who Should Attend?

You should consider taking this course if you are:
• Inhouse staff comfortable with FileMaker but want to advance your development skills
• An expert developer who wishes to fill in any gaps in your knowledge
• Planning to become a FileMaker 14 Certified Developer
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Clearwater Beach Course

Our most popular & attended training, the “FileMaker 14 Core Essentials”. The training is based on the FileMaker 14 Training Series in a traditional group setting. After training, enjoy beautiful Clearwater Beach! Please email us with any questions.

  • Downtown Clearwater, FL -- Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Clearwater see hotel specials here
  • Tuesday June 23 - Friday June 26
  • Cost $1595 for 4 Day Course
  • Cost $445 for 1 Day Courses

New Remote Webinar Course

Now you may sign up for our professional “FileMaker Core Essentials Course” based on the official “FileMaker 14 Training Series”, from the comfort of your own desk. Receive professional instruction delivered by one of our FileMaker Authorized Trainers while saving significantly on travel and hotel expenses. This method of instruction gives you freedom while allowing you time to practice in between sessions before moving on to the next training module. The New Remote Webinar Class is basically a mirror curriculum of our original “FileMaker Core Essentials”, yet conducted remotely via the ease of a “GoTo Meeting” session. Professional FileMaker training has never been this practical!


  • Every Tuesday & Thursday for a total of 8 weeks
  • Each session is 2 hrs. long from 1:30pm-3:30pm ET
  • Receive a Graduation Certificate
  • Cost $895

Reserve your seat now. We will contact you with your payment confirmation and class details.
Please email us with any questions.

Corporate Course At Your Offices

Our FileMaker Authorized Trainers have flown 1000s of miles to organizations across the USA to deliver the “FileMaker Training Series” or a variety of customized classes requested by corporations. To inquire about hosting a professional training class at your facility please email us your specific request or any ideas you may have.


We accept all major credit cards, check or PayPal.
Please contact us at (727) 230-1439 or via email.

What is the FileMaker Pro Training Series?

filemaker training, file maker training, filemaker school, file maker school

The “File Maker Training Series” is the official training curriculum from FileMaker, Inc. It offers a series of 9 training modules that cover a comprehensive set of topics designed to help you master the essentials of FileMaker solution development. This new series incorporates the many new features of the FileMaker 14 product line throughout the modules.




What you will gain from doing this course.
  • Learn best practices for developing professional database solutions with FileMaker 14 products.
  • Get results more quickly than using self-teaching methods.
  • Work with certified FileMaker experts who can answer your most technical questions.
  • Network with others and learn what they are doing and how they accomplish it.
  • Share your ideas and tips.

Materials for Courses:
  • In-depth course manual with all 9 modules (see below) and over 700 pages of content.
  • A CD that includes demo files, exercises, videos, and PDFs of the manual.
filemaker training, file maker training, filemaker school, file maker school

Robert MacKay, President of MacTutor and well known FileMaker guru, is Florida's 1st FM Trainer & the lead trainer of the FileMaker Series.

Course Description by Modules

filemaker training, file maker training, filemaker school, file maker school
  • Introduction
  • Working with Data
  • Interface & Layout Design
  • Solution Logic: Calculation
  • Solution Logic: Scrpting
  • Basic & Advanced Reporting
  • Security in FileMaker
  • Deploying a FileMaker Solution
  • Integrating a FileMaker Solution

Our Trainers Profiles

Robert MacKay

Founder and President of MacTutor, Inc.
filemaker training, file maker training, filemaker school, file maker schoolFileMaker 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Certified. He has been developing intricate FileMaker based solutions professionally for the last 15 years for organizations across the world. His experience as a trainer started through his employment as a Certified Apple trainer for Apple Computer in 1992. In this position he was responsible for training sales staff and individual dealers on the full Apple software product line. In addition, he gave classes to both sales staff and consultants of Apple products, he delivered demo days and explained and demonstrated the extensive Apple product line to customers. After this employment came the creation of his present company “MacTutor”, which for the first 8 years in business specialized specifically in “tutoring” clients & corporate groups, on the use of the Macintosh. He has been invited to deliver seminars for FileMaker, Inc. at FileMaker Developer Conferences and also at the HOW Design Conference in Chicago. In addition, not only has he used FileMaker expertly since 1993 for corporate clients but he has also personally trained numerous individuals whom today are professional FileMaker Developers.


FileMaker Developer & Trainer — East Coast Area
Owned and utilized every version of FileMaker since creating a first database with Filemaker Pro 3 in 1996. Dustin’s experience includes extensive custom FileMaker development including on-site deployment, on-site support, remote support and trainin for various companies. On top of that he offers over 15 years of solid and progressive business experience including management of a wide variety of operations, such as production, computer technology and graphic design/web development. Dustin’s outstanding organizational skills and (crystal) clear communication skills make him an ideal trainer for our FileMaker Series Class.


FileMaker Trainer — West Coast Area
With many years of experience developing FileMaker professionally, Scott's responsibilities have run the full gamut. He has successfully managed a multitude of software development projects from start to finish, including initial consultation, project discovery, iteration planning, development, client communication, installation, training, and follow-up. He has a keen understanding on developing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. He has directed seminars and one-on-one training sessions to enhance the experience of the end-user. Scott is extremely patient with people, and is a great, smooth communicator. He is able to convey complex concepts in a simple way. He is currently responsible for a multitude of major FileMaker development projects and works directly with many to ensure they deliver quality software.

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